Non-Toxic • Biodegradable • All Natural
Doesn't mask odors, eliminates them



Day one with OdorGone — I sprayed everything and my husband thought I was a nut!! I sprayed the boys’ soccer cleats, gym bags, and my son’s car carpets. Guess what, they allll smell wonderful now and my husband no longer thinks I am nuts.

Now for the best news — I moved a sofa to my basement because my oldest son wanted it for the house he is renting at school and my cat peed on it. Not sure what got into him, because he has never done that before. I had tried some spray I got from Petco to no avail, so I this weekend I tried OdorGone and it worked!!  I promise to be your best customer.

Nevel Petrini

Owner: Bay Reuther Boatyard, Connecticut

I own a boatyard here in Connecticut and we sell OdorGone® in our main office for boat owners to use. Boating regulations now require by law to have a holding tank on board for waste. Most customers only use their boats on the weekend and close their boats during the week. Those customers that use OdorGone® in their bilge and holding tanks have fresh smelling boats when they return the following weekend. Those that don’t, have extreme odors in their boats. Many charter fishermen filet their fish right on board. No matter how many times they wash their decks, the fish smell just doesn’t go away. Those that use OdorGone® have no problem at all with residual fish odors, which makes charters more enjoyable to customers.

Betty Revard-Darby


My husband and I have 14 animals ranging from dogs, cats, birds, ferrets and fish. Needless to say, we have our share of accidents. You can imagine the smells we deal with, especially on hot, humid days. We were kind of ashamed when inviting friends over for dinner. OdorGone® is the only product – and I have tried all of them – OdorGone® is the only one that completely got rid of the pet odors. Now we can invite our friends over for dinner and not worry about how the house smells. OdorGone® took care of our problem!

Safe for animals, people, your pets, and the planet.
OdorGone® is an all purpose, non-toxic, biodegradable blend of essential plant extracts that absorb and destroy odors on contact, leaving your home and the environment fresh, clean, and natural. It permanently eliminates ANY ODOR in, and on ANYTHING, including:
Cat and Dog Urine
Pet Cages
Litter Boxes
Cigarette Smoke
Hockey Equipment
Gym Bags
Musty Laundry
Washing Machines
Diaper Pails
Garbage Pails
Hunting Clothes
Shoes and Sneakers
Musty Basements
Fireplaces and Fire Pits
Fire Damage
... and so much more.