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Doesn't mask odors, eliminates them

Buy OdorGone Online. Our OdorGone Shop is Open for Business!

Well… we finally did it… we finally set up our shipping and our OdorGone Shop is open for business. You can now buy OdorGone online in Connecticut. We tried to make shipping affordable and it took us two years to realize that shipping costs for a 32 oz. or 128 oz. bottle of OdorGone are just not going to be affordable, no matter what we do. The product is heavy, particularly the 128 oz. (1 gallon) refills. It turns out that buying OdorGone at the Durham Fair in September of every year gets you more bang for your buck. But what do you do when that bottle that you bought at the fair is gone and the fair is months away? You buy it online and we ship it to you. We do offer coupons and specials from time to time that make buying online as affordable as buying OdorGone at the fair. Please be sure to sign up for our mailing list (below, left) so that you’ll receive valuable coupons via email. (We don’t send out a lot of emails. You won’t get bombarded with emails, we promise!) And shop now for OdorGone® Natural Odor Neutralizer Professional or OdorGone® Natural Odor Neutralizer Best in Show for your pets.


Peggi (and Kevin, too)
OdorGone Natural Odor Neutralizer

Get Rid of Skunk Smell on Pets Easily with OdorGone® Natural Odor Neutralizer

It’s that Durham Fair time of year in Connecticut… and that means that we’ll be selling our elixir of the Gods… OdorGone® Natural Odor Neutralizer… at the Durham Fair. People will come out in droves to buy this product. Why? Because they know what we know… that OdorGone® Natural Odor Neutralizer is a great product to get rid… Continue Reading

How to Remove Skunk Smell From Animals

How to Remove Skunk Smell From Animals Things you will need: OdorGone® Small Bucket: To soak collar, leash, etc. Squirt Bottle with a pointed tip applicator: Most animals do not like the sprayer and they may become nervous. With a pointed tip applicator, you can direct OdorGone® exactly where you need it without waste and… Continue Reading

See Our Ad on the Green Festival Website

See Our Ad on the Green Festival Website We’re leaving early, early in the morning for the Green Festival in NYC… Saturday and Sunday at Pier 94 from 10am until 6pm. We signed up for this show in the last minute so I designed this quick little ad yesterday. Maybe we’ll see you there? Love,… Continue Reading

See You at the Green Festival in NYC

See You at the Green Festival in NYC

We’re headed to New York this week to exhibit at the Green Festival. The Green Festival is America’s largest and longest running sustainability and green living event. This will be our first time exhibiting at the Green Festival and we’ve got some truly prime real estate at this show. At the last minute, another exhibitor canceled and we… Continue Reading

Safe for animals, people, your pets, and the planet.
OdorGone® is an all purpose, non-toxic, biodegradable blend of essential plant extracts that absorb and destroy odors on contact, leaving your home and the environment fresh, clean, and natural. It permanently eliminates ANY ODOR in, and on ANYTHING, including:
Cat and Dog Urine
Pet Cages
Litter Boxes
Cigarette Smoke
Hockey Equipment
Gym Bags
Musty Laundry
Washing Machines
Diaper Pails
Garbage Pails
Hunting Clothes
Shoes and Sneakers
Musty Basements
Fireplaces and Fire Pits
Fire Damage
... and so much more.