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How to Remove Skunk Smell From Animals

How to Remove Skunk Smell From Animals

Things you will need:

  1. OdorGone®
  2. Small Bucket: To soak collar, leash, etc.
  3. Squirt Bottle with a pointed tip applicator: Most animals do not like the sprayer and they may become nervous. With a pointed tip applicator, you can direct OdorGone® exactly where you need it without waste and it will not frighten the animal.
  4. Wash Cloth: To use on face, snout and ears and will help avoid getting any in the animal’s eyes.
  5. Clean Towels: 2 or 3
  6. Pet Shampoo/Conditioner

Getting Started

  1. Spray OdorGone® full strength to knock down the airborne skunk odor and improve working conditions.
  2. Remove collar and place in small bucket. Mix 1 part OdorGone® to 1 part water and soak until odor is gone.
  3. With your pointed tip applicator, squirt OdorGone® full strength directly on skunked areas and work in thoroughly. Use washcloth for face, snout and ears. (Avoid getting into eyes… it is like soap in your eye.)
  4. Again, with your pointed tip applicator, squirt OdorGone® full strength and thoroughly work into the rest of the animal’s coat, working from the top down. OdorGone® does not take long to do its job, By the time you are finished working it into the animal’s coat, you can immediately rinse the animal thoroughly.
  5. Lightly towel dry from head to tail, checking for any spots you may have missed… double-checking the hot spots or areas that took a direct hit. Re-apply OdorGone® to missed spots and rub in. (Be careful and take your time. If you miss a spot the size of a dime, you will still smell that awful skunk smell.)
  6. Now, wash the animals with a pet shampoo/conditioner and dry with a clean towel.

If you get a whiff of skunk a few days later, or find a spot that you may have missed, just wet a washcloth with OdorGone®, squirt a little from your pointed tip applicator, or spray from the bottle and rub out the odor.


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