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Get Rid of Skunk Smell on Pets Easily with OdorGone® Natural Odor Neutralizer

It’s that Durham Fair time of year in Connecticut… and that means that we’ll be selling our elixir of the Gods… OdorGone® Natural Odor Neutralizer… at the Durham Fair. People will come out in droves to buy this product. Why? Because they know what we know… that OdorGone® Natural Odor Neutralizer is a great product to get rid of skunk smell on pets easily. One of our repeat customers will surely be at the fair. When she comes to our booth, we can always count on her to tell her story about how she was able to get rid of skunk smell on her dog. Here’s the story:

She was getting ready to take a trip to Maine. She had the station wagon all packed and the kids were fed, in the car, and ready to go. All that she had left to do was put the dogs in the car and drive away. She put the two smaller dogs in the car. But now she had to get the rambunctious bigger dog into the car. She opened the back door and grabbed the dog’s collar. But just as she was leading the dog onto the back stoop, a skunk came up behind her. The dog broke away from her and came face to face with the skunk. The skunk did what only skunks can do… it sprayed the dog with skunk spray. Luckily, the skunk didn’t really let go… he (or she) only sprayed the dog’s face. But even just a little bit of skunk spray is still awful. As our customer puts it, how could she possibly put that dog in the car and drive to Maine with that awful skunk smell? She couldn’t. And she didn’t have time to give the dog a bath and follow our usualOdorGone® recipe for getting rid of skunk smell on pets.

OdorGone® Natural Odor Neutralizer to the rescue! Our customer grabbed a wet washcloth. She sprayed OdorGone® Natural Odor Neutralizer on the washcloth. And she gently washed the dog’s face with it. She washed his face, his ears, around his eyes, his snout and around his neck. It only took a few minutes. She said that there was still a slight hint of skunk spray on the dog. But it wasn’t that bad. She knew that she could put the dog in the back of the car and drive to Maine now. She did just that… being sure to pack a bottle of OdorGone® to give the dog a bath the next day. OdorGone® didn’t just save the day… it saved her vacation.

We hope we’ll see you at the fair. No pets? No problem. OdorGone® has hundreds (maybe even thousands) of uses.


Peggi (and Kevin, too)
OdorGone Natural Odor Neutralizer

Safe for animals, people, your pets, and the planet.
OdorGone® is an all purpose, non-toxic, biodegradable blend of essential plant extracts that absorb and destroy odors on contact, leaving your home and the environment fresh, clean, and natural. It permanently eliminates ANY ODOR in, and on ANYTHING, including:
Cat and Dog Urine
Pet Cages
Litter Boxes
Cigarette Smoke
Hockey Equipment
Gym Bags
Musty Laundry
Washing Machines
Diaper Pails
Garbage Pails
Hunting Clothes
Shoes and Sneakers
Musty Basements
Fireplaces and Fire Pits
Fire Damage
... and so much more.